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RTBFTB – Round the Buoy for the Boys 2023

Notice of Race

‘Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.’ – Robin Sharma.

Some of the above is true for sailing events, this one in particular. The folks who kindly entertain (and host) RTBFTB would be well within their right to describe the current organisation as ‘messy in the middle,’ (our *my* fault).

Time will tell if it’ll ever have the ‘gorgeous at the end’ part, but for now, let’s settle on messy. More room for mistakes, aim higher next year, etc.

Blokes and mental health isn’t as taboo as it used to be. That’s changed/is changing but there’s still a lot of work to do. RTBFTB is here to champion what the power of a few hours away from it all, on the water, with friends, can do for one’s mental state. It’s a simple take on it, but an angle that doesn’t need science papers to prove. You come in happier. It’s good for you- and your friends. It’s also the conversations before and during not forgetting the conversations after. The community surrounding them deserves attention too. We’re lucky, very lucky. This is us celebrating these places, our clubs and our community.

Life can be complicated, this race isn’t. One start, one mark. 
Something that hasn’t changed is the format of RTBFTB…

We’ll be using the DSC line with a 5,4,1 sequence.
The start time is at 1.00
Around the Buoy (Location TBC on the day)
DSC Finish
DSC prize giving

To enter you’ll need to sign on physically at the DSC. Sign on sheets from 11.30
We’ll need your name
The amount of people on the boat
The boat’s name
What it is, and it’s PY / MFOB handicap
Please come armed with this stuff so we can attempt to get some results.

If you’d like to support but not sail, you’re very welcome to join us on the water, either just joining in with the community, or helping support via a safety boat.

To enter, all we’re asking for is a donation to MIND using the link here. You don’t have to race to donate, or donate at all, however… The suggested donation is £5/ person, but any contribution however big or small is great. It takes seconds, please do it. Mind is a non profit organisation and every penny gets put to good use. Last year we raised £3k.

In addition to the money, think about sending a message to someone who might need a few hours on the water. Rally your friends, invite them along, they might appreciate it more than you know.

The MFOB Team

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