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Applications for membership are invited from yachtspeople and others with a genuine interest in sailing and the sea.  Candidates must be prepared to provide references, if required.  They must also be sponsored by a member of the Committee and have met one or more Flag Officers before the Committee can consider their application.  The Secretary will be happy to arrange introductions if required.

Candidates must agree to abide by the Rules of the Club and maintain standards of behaviour in the Club and on the water, appropriate to the traditions and standing of the Club.

Applicants should complete the current membership application form found below and submit it to the Secretary, who will post the application on the Club’s notice board for a period of at least 6 days before consideration by the Committee.

If the application be approved by the Committee and the candidate thus elected to membership of the Club, he or she will become either a Full or an Associate member.  Full membership is open to experienced or qualified yachtspeople and brings privileges of introducing new candidates for membership and voting at general meetings of the Club.  All new Full and Associate members are required to pay an entrance fee of 40% of the current relevant annual subscription.

Family membership is available for couples and their children, especially where both partners are genuine sailors and are applying for Full membership. Please ask the Club Secretary for details.

Crew membership is offered to sailing people under the age of 35, who do not own a yacht other than an open dinghy.  There is no entry fee for Crew membership.   Young people, between the ages of 8 and 17, may join as Cadets.

Newly elected members will be advised by the Club Secretary and informed of the charges due and these should be paid by cheque in the first instance. A direct debit form will also be sent, which must be completed and returned so that all subsequent subscriptions may be collected by direct debit.  It is a condition of membership that all new members will normally be required to pay their annual subscription by direct debit.

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