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Burnham & Fambridge

Organiser : Sophie Preston Hall

Planned timings and tide information

We are booked into Burnham Marina on the Saturday 25th. Grapevine (the yacht I’ve hijacked as lead boat for the weekend 😂) would love to invite you all for pre drinks about 5pm?

We are eating at the Oyster Smack (booked for 7.30pm). It’s an about a 30 minute walk from the marina comfy shoes probably (I’ll leave my white stilettos at home on this occasion lol) menu choices all in 👍🏻.

Sunday we’re heading up to Fambridge Marina where we are eating and drinking at the Feeryboat Inn, booked for 5.45pm, as they have a festival on they are not doing a normal menu but a Hog Roast which sounds lovely 😁

Monday heading back to Burnham for a DIY BBQ 🍖🍗 so don’t forget to bring some bits, there is a local supermarket I seem to remember from last year if you get stuck or need to add supplies.  not all boats are staying for this (4 are heading back to Mersea on the Monday)👍🏻

It’s looking like a fab cruise guys and I’m super excited. Currently we have at least 12 boats and 26 ‘drunken’ sailors although 2 to 3 boats have said that there are possible maybe fingers crossed 🤞🏻they can join. If you want to be added in last minute, please do let me know. I will do everything within my power to squeeze you in 👍🏻😁. It’s going to be a  great weekend 🛥️⛵️


The event is finished.


25 - 27 May 2024


All Day
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