Cruising in Company

West Mersea Yacht Club members who sail cruisers can choose to go on nine club rallies this year. Four include an optional pursuit race to add some competitive fun. The programme includes several weekend trips, a Suffolk rivers cruise, a longer holiday meander down the north French coast, a waterborne visit to the Clacton Air Show and a treasure hunt / BBQ at Osea Island.


Date Location Cruise Leader Sign On
April 20th -22nd Shakedown Cruise (Pursuit Race) to Bradwell   Open Below
May 18th – 23rd Harwich (pursuit race) and Walton Backwaters Kevin Mullins Open Below
May 29th-31st Blackwater cruise Mel Daniels
June 1st -2nd Heybridge Pursuit race Weekend Julian French
June 22nd – 30th Chatham and Limehouse cruise Brian Warwick
July 6th Osea Island Treasure Hunt and BBQ
July 7th – 27th Summer Cruise to France or Holland Jack Davis
Aug 18th – 23rd Clacton Airshow Cruise
Aug 24th – 1st Sept Cruise the Suffolk Rivers John Kearin
Sept 14th -18th Burnham cruise Colin Campbell
Oct 12th – 13th Tollesbury Rally Pursuit Race