WMYC/DSC Combined Sailing Official Notice Board


The Covid-19 outbreak continues to be rapidly evolving situation that presents a number of complex challenges and decisions for West Mersea Yacht club. The information within this document is designed to inform members, their guests, staff of actions which will be put in place to prevent the spread of Covid 19.  All decisions have been made by the organisation’s leadership, using many sources as assistance, but taking into account all of the unique considerations in which the club operates. In doing this, the club has used risk assessment tools and processes to make the most effective decisions. The health and safety of a club’s members, volunteers and staff are the number one priority at all times.

A number of sources of guidance have been used as detailed below. As advice changes this Risk Assessment may change.  The effective eradication of Covid-19 relies on people taking individual and collective responsibility. It is the club’s role to facilitate activity from their premises in line with guidance and Club rules and byelaws to a safe level of as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) We remind members of their individual responsibility so they can make informed choices. The WMYC will continually review all the advice we provide as we learn from clubs and other organisations throughout this process.

The RYA’s guiding principles are.

  1. We will always follow Government advice
  2. We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach

In view of the recent Covid 19 outbreak we as a club will try to avoid gatherings for race events where possible. To help us achieve this we will be introducing a number of changes using this webpage.  This will become our electronic Official Noticeboard.  We will develop it as we go along.

Personal Location Form

Before entering any event please complete the form through the link below.  An event is considered to be a race or a regatta.  If you have not been in a race for 6 days we would ask you to complete the form again.  Therefore at a Regatta such as the Centenary Regatta you would complete the form once, if you are racing in a series then it should be completed before every race.  The form is self explanatory and the information is only for the race commitee

Personal Location Form

Safety Declaration Form

In accordance with the sailing instructions all vessels should have completed the safety declaration form before racing in the first race.  You can respond through the link below

Safety Declaration form 2020

Skipper Briefing

Briefings will take place when needed on line.  The presentation will appear here using a Powerpoint format.

Any webinar required will be done through a Google platform at this time.  Details of times will appear here. Keelboat sailing Skippers briefing Merseav1 17.6.20

Race Documents

These remain in place following 4th July changes to Social distancing

Please note that these documents may change  at short notice. We can only apologise and would ask competitors to keep monitoring the site for any changes

Under Covid 19 regulations the NOR and Sailing Instructions for events, are shown below;

NOR 2020 Covid variation

SIs 2020 Covid 26.01.20 Finalv6

Course Card Cruiser Racing Courses List 2020 final

Upcoming and Current Event Appendices

Each Event, Race or Regatta will have its own Appendix.  These appendices will appear here;

For Races Starting on or after 4th July 2020

The Five Race Series for White sail Appendix is here.

The Five Race Series for IRC Appendix is here.

The Dabchicks Sailing Club Friday Night Series Appendix is HERE and will be reposted on the DSC website

The Wallet Trophy Appendix is here.

The signing on sheet for the Wallet Trophy is here.

 Race Committee

Race committee notices, will be posted here


Jury Notices will be posted here


There will be no changes to the results process.  These will appear as normal on the results website page.  Prizes at this time will be awarded at the laying up supper.

Other Information

Other information significant for competitors and guests will be shown here.

For the benefit of everyone we have published the Risk Assessment we will be using as a guide to our operating procedures.

Covid 19 RA Finalv7

For the benefit and knowledge of all we have placed a copy of Dabchicks Sailing Club RIB standard operating procedure, on the Official Noticeboard. This is adopted by the DSC and we would appreciate that any volunteers do follow these procedures. The document is here