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Mersea Sailing Challenge

16th to 21st August 2021

Competitor update

Last week we announced the Mersea Sailing Challenge and since then the Mersea Sailing Challenge committee has been bringing things together, no small task.  We are in the final stages of presenting the NOR, and getting all the event management on to a totally new website.  Thank you to all the sailors who have emailed us to say they are “up for it” and we hope to get entries open on 22nd July 2020 through a seperate web page. We felt that it would be good for everyone to see an outline for the event before opening for entry and we hope this is helpful.

Competitors will need to be fully paid up members of one of the following organisations Dabchicks Sailing club, Smack Association, Mersea Fishermans Open Boat Association, West Mersea Yacht Club

We will be combining starts based upon the entry we have but the divisions we are anticipating are;

Keelboat classes

Sportsboats, Smacks IRC Cruisers Local Handicap Cruisers, Classic Yachts, White Sail Cruisers, National Sonata Class

Dinghy and MFOB classes

Mersea Fisherman’s Open Boats, dinghy classes

Please note that; If the helm is aged under 12 he or she must have competed in the outside or Optimist Gold fleet of Cadet Week 2019.

The ethos behind the event is one of  local sailors back on the water racing enjoying themselves in the outdoors, hence there are no fees to participate in the week, just let us know you are attending through the entry system. The downside (which we all understand) being that if Guidance or regulation change prior to or during the event we may have to cancel at short notice

The schedule currently looks like this, but there remain a few things to finalise

Date Keelboat classes Dinghy classes MFOBs
Sunday 16th August Two races start from 1100 Two Races start from 1200 Under review
Monday 17th August Two races start from 1100 Two Races start from 1200 Under review
Tuesday 18th August Two races start from 1100 Two Races start from 1200 Under review
Thursday 20th August One race start from 1200 Two Races start from 1200 Under review
Friday 21st August One race start from 1200 Two Races start from 1200 Under review


The courses we are likely to use are;

  • Keelboats the 2020 combined sailing course card
  • Dinghies, laid courses probably Triangle/Sausage (old Olympic)
  • MFOBs Around the cans

The organising committee hopes to make extensive use of online technology and smart phones to avoid gatherings ashore, remove the need for onshore facilities, and to keep competitors and officials advised on the water.  It is a requirement of entry that at least one member of the crew has a smartphone on board at all times when on the water, it is switched on, and they have sufficient battery life for the duration of the race plus 2 hours. This rule will be for all classes.

If you wish to volunteer to help us run the week please get in touch at

Government and Clubs Guidance

All competitors are expected to comply with Government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene of them, their boat and their crew. That means competitors and others should follow social distancing guidelines. That good hygiene practices are in place, for their equipment and it is cleaned regularly It is clear that anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

Keelboats should comply fully with the combined club’s safety notice. This includes a marine radio.

 Large gatherings

Competitors and volunteers should continue to socially distance from those they do not live with wherever possible. Social interactions should be limited to a group of no more than two households (indoors and out) or up to six people from different households (if outdoors).

It is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place in private homes (including gardens and other outdoor spaces). Competitors using the dinghy parks and car parks should not gather and should maintain social distancing

As a consequence there will be no evening prizegivings and the bars and restaurants if open will not give any priority to competitors or volunteers in the event, sorry about that.

Even so we are sure we will find some innovative new ways both on and off the water to enjoy the racing, socialise with our fellow competitors without compromising the safety of both ourselves or others.  Next milestone is to open the entries.


Mersea Sailing Challenge committee

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