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From Monday July 19th:

Restrictions have been lifted at the  club in line with Government advice, while keeping our members and staff safe.


Bar screens will be removed in stages over the next week or so but will stay in front of the tills for a while.

Please do not lean over or crowd the bar to help keep staff safe and comfortable.

Logging in or use of the qr code on the NHS app will no longer be mandatory but the facility will be retained for those members who wish to use it.

Face masks will not be required but please expect staff to continue to wear them if they wish and members are of course equally free to use theirs if they wish.

We will provide table service as usual for restaurant users, bar users are able to approach the bar to order and collect drinks etc but again please do not congregate or crowd the area.Use of club or bank cards is recommended still but cash is accepted.

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