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This one day course provides an awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine and teaches the ability to take simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown at sea and rectify defects which do not require workshop support. Mechanical failure is the main cause of lifeboat callout to yachts and motor cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care may make sure you are not part of these figures.


  1. Introduction
  • Principles of the diesel engine
  1. The four-stroke cycle
  • Naturally aspirated engines
  • Turbocharging
  • Intercooling / aftercooling
  1. The fuel system
  • The basic system
  • The tank
  • The water-separating pre-filter
  • Fuel lift pump
  • The engine fine filter
  • Injection pump
  • Injectors
  • Bleeding the system
  1. The cooling system
  • Seawater cooling
  • Freshwater cooling
  • Temperature control
  • The thermostat
  • The seawater impeller pump
  1. The air systems The airway in The airway out
  2. Engine electrical systems
  • The basic system
  • Battery capacity and care
  • Drive belts
  • The alternator
  1. Spares and tool requirements
  • Basic spares and tools
  1. Importance of winterisation and servicing
  • Engine lubrication
  • Transmission lubrication
  • Winterisation and servicing
  • Service schedule
  1. Fault finding

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