White sail series concludes on a beautiful afternoon

With all the recent concerns with the weather Race 8 of the white sail series started in beautiful conditions with a breeze from the East. Brian and the Blue Horizon team set the course out to the East on a flooding tide.  There was some concern as number 17 buoy has also moved in the last week and is now about 0.3 nm further east from its charted position. 8 boats started but Stella Lyra failed to finish due to her losing her mast off the caravan park/outfall.  No one was injured but it was a sad sight as she was assisted back to her mooring by YC2.

The remainder of the race went off brilliantly and it seems from the feedback everyone had an enjoyable afternoon out on the water.  The series results and the individual race results can be found on the Results page of this website.  Prizes will be awarded at the Laying up supper and we look forward to seeing you there.

Sailing committee