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White Sail Series 2017 - Points

The White Sail 2017 Series results have been calculated using Sailwave.
However due to the split of races either side of Mersea Week and the request to maintain the handicap system throughout the season it is not possible to run the series as one complete series. Therefore results are shown as Pre-Mersea Week and Post Mersea Week with the correct Handicaps carried forward.
To enable the series to be scored as one series of 8 races the spreadsheet below has been produced and takes it's data from the Pre-Mersea week Races and the Post Mersea Week races and calculates a points total for the overall 8 races.

IMPORTANT - Race WS7 was cancelled - therefore under the SI only 2 discards are permitted - they are shown highlighted in yellow on the attached spreadsheet.

CLICK ON THE DOWN ARROW at the side to open the file - you can then print it if so required.  
Wmyc Site Administrator,
Oct 30, 2017, 4:56 AM