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Short Handed Series 2017

Wallet Cup & Short Handed Series 2017 - LH

West Mersea

Results are provisional as of 9:11 on August 14, 2017


Sailed: 1, Discards: 0, To count: 1, Rating system: PY, Entries: 14, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankSailNoName of BoatType of BoatOwnerPYWallet CupTotalNett
1st4108HumdingerInternational H BoatJulian Lord10341.01.01.0
2ndW1BearBebeteau First 211Steve Johnson10752.02.02.0
3rd1598Toucan Ed Taylor9243.03.03.0
4th7401HanneloreBavaria 34David Curtis10004.04.04.0
5th634Tamarisk Rob Smith10105.05.05.0
6th3130Rendezvous Mke Berry9856.06.06.0
7th0Playpen  11357.07.07.0
8th75Stella LyraStellaTrevor Spero114015.0 DNF15.015.0
8th1044WaterlilyHanse 370Jon French90015.0 DNC15.015.0
8th1281BugsyClub 19Geoff Hunt110015.0 DNC15.015.0
8th7806Winter's BrideBeneteau 281Tim Wood109015.0 DNC15.015.0
8th8959PrevalenceBeneteau 285Angela Payne104015.0 DNC15.015.0
8th8811CirrusMoody 315Dave Lewis101515.0 DNC15.015.0
8thW2Chin ChinBeneteau Oceanis 311Colin & Jan Lawler108015.0 DNC15.015.0

Wallet Cup - 14/8/2016 at 10:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Elapsed time, Time: 10:30.00
RankSailNoName of BoatType of BoatOwnerPYElapsedCorrectedPoints
14108HumdingerInternational H BoatJulian Lord10341:24:501:22:031.0
2W1BearBebeteau First 211Steve Johnson10751:29:201:23:062.0
31598Toucan Ed Taylor9241:38:171:46:223.0
47401HanneloreBavaria 34David Curtis10001:47:561:47:564.0
5634Tamarisk Rob Smith10101:53:511:52:435.0
63130Rendezvous Mke Berry9851:54:151:55:596.0
70Playpen  11352:34:162:15:557.0
875Stella LyraStellaTrevor Spero1140DNF 15.0
81044WaterlilyHanse 370Jon French900DNC 15.0
81281BugsyClub 19Geoff Hunt1100DNC 15.0
87806Winter's BrideBeneteau 281Tim Wood1090DNC 15.0
88959PrevalenceBeneteau 285Angela Payne1040DNC 15.0
88811CirrusMoody 315Dave Lewis1015DNC 15.0
8W2Chin ChinBeneteau Oceanis 311Colin & Jan Lawler1080DNC 15.0

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