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Wallet Cup 2016

Wallet Cup & Short Handed Series 2016 - LH

West Mersea

Results are provisional as of 13:20 on August 14, 2016


Sailed: 1, Discards: 0, To count: 1, Rating system: PY, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankSailNoName of BoatType of BoatOwnerPYWallet CupTotalNett
1st1281BugsyClub 19Geoff Hunt11001.01.01.0
2ndW1BearBebeteau First 211Steve Johnson10752.02.02.0
3rd4108HumdingerInternational H BoatJulian Lord10343.03.03.0
4th7806Winter's BrideBeneteau 281Tim Wood10904.04.04.0
5th1044WaterlilyHanse 370Jon French9005.05.05.0
6th7401HanneloreBavaria 34David Curtis10006.06.06.0
7thW2Chin ChinBeneteau Oceanis 311Colin & Jan Lawler10807.07.07.0
8th8959PrevalenceBeneteau 285Angela Payne10408.08.08.0
9th75Stella LyraStellaTrevor Spero11409.09.09.0
10th8811CirrusMoody 315Dave Lewis101511.0 DNS11.011.0

Wallet Cup - 14/8/2016 at 10:30

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Elapsed time, Time: 10:30.00
RankSailNoName of BoatType of BoatOwnerPYElapsedCorrectedPoints
11281BugsyClub 19Geoff Hunt110001:19:491:12:341.0
2W1BearBebeteau First 211Steve Johnson107501:28:591:22:472.0
34108HumdingerInternational H BoatJulian Lord103401:29:121:26:163.0
47806Winter's BrideBeneteau 281Tim Wood109001:35:421:27:484.0
51044WaterlilyHanse 370Jon French90001:22:001:31:075.0
67401HanneloreBavaria 34David Curtis100001:36:251:36:256.0
7W2Chin ChinBeneteau Oceanis 311Colin & Jan Lawler108001:50:471:42:357.0
88959PrevalenceBeneteau 285Angela Payne104001:57:501:53:188.0
975Stella LyraStellaTrevor Spero114002:29:312:11:099.0
108811CirrusMoody 315Dave Lewis1015DNS 11.0

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