IMPORTANT! IRC sail measuring date

Following recent discussion with Dolphin sails they have loaned us their sail loft space on Sunday 24th March, and my thanks to Tags who has offered his time and knowledge to support the action of measuring the sails for the IRC fleet.

The arrangement is as follows;

24th March 10.00am the loft will be opened to allow those owners who are applying for the IRC certificate to measure their own sails.  Tags will provide help and guidance but each owner will be responsible for their own measurement.  It will then be down to the owner to submit the measurements through the application forms already provided to Paul Jackson at

In order to facilitate this, by lunchtime on 22nd of March I would like to receive from those interested in measuring their sails Boat name, their name and contact number and which sail (s) they would like to measure.

Our thanks goes to Dolphin sails for their assistance with this exercise.

Please note

Mobile Number for Paul Jackson

07463 369419