Important info for our racing fleet

IRC Racing


Following the keelboat racing forum In November, further work has taken place as requested by the sailing committee and we can report back as follows;

Between WMYC and DSC we have potentially 11 Sportsboats, 9 Sonatas and 14 other boats who have or potentially might be interested in IRC racing certificates. This does not include the majority of White sail boats, although some of them have expressed interest. If the sailing programme allowed it they might sail in both series. We can confirm that the RORC racing office have a scheme where they will give a 50% discount for a certificate in Year 1 and 25% in year 2 provided the application is made through the club. Subject to some advanced thought about the handling of boats owned by DSC members, this all looks interesting and potentially doable.

The sailing committee also have the pricing information.

Phase two, Need or Desire.

Why should we, and do we want to reintroduce IRC racing?  This is now a question for the competitors.

A few thoughts;

  • As happened with White sail, is it the issue of handicap acceptance.  Since moving from local handicap to NHC for the white sail fleet we have had only one complaint about the handicap which was easily resolved, there was an error. Since then whatever the handicap actually is and how it moves has been accepted by the sailors
  • The local handicap committee do a fine job, however they face a problem of people not accepting their recommendations even when they are shown to be right, IRC would be a solution to this as the handicap is removed from local influence.
  • IRC would allow the clubs to hold more open events expanding the challenge of competition.  This has significantly dropped in recent years and one of the casualties has been Sail East.  EAORA also has seen reduced participation. IRC would give the potential for new events attracting new boats and sailors.
  • IRC does have a spinnaker and non spinnaker rating. This would allow sailors more options when lightly crewed.

There may of course be many others.  The sailing committee would now like to get the sailors and owners together for their considered ideas.  To this end we aim to hold a meeting of all interested parties from both clubs at WMYC at 1930hrs on 5th February in the Longroom.  Please give us your opinion and shortly after that we will make the decision to go ahead or not.