2019 Sailing Documents

All racing yachts,

The sailing committee is pleased to advise that the sailing documents for 2019 can now be viewed and downloaded from the WMYC website.  You will find on the page 2019 SI’s, course card and some appendices.

The program is updated and the first race of the new format is 28th April. Lets make it a great start to the season.

So far we have sent the first batch of IRC certificate forms off and we expect the certificates (10) next week.  The individual owners will be advised when we have them.  The second batch will go after the sail measuring which will take place on 24th March. Owners wishing to avail themselves of this facility MUST contact Paul Jackson by 20th March 2019.

Those owners who have gone their own route to getting the IRC please make sure a copy is lodged with WMYC before the first race, otherwise we cannot give you a result……….

At this stage can we point out that a safety declaration is still required and a single sheet copy can be down loaded from the website.

That’s all for now.

Sailing committee